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Maria Jordan DipPCH, MNLP, TFT-Alg, SNLP, GQHP

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Psychometric Assessor. Thought Field Therapist. Intuitive Life Coach.

Maria Jordan DipPCH, MNLP, TFT-Alg, SNLP, GQHP

Maria’s fascination with the pursuit of excellence and the functioning of the human mind led her to study Neuroliguistic programming with one of the founders of the discipline Dr Richard Bandler, and with John and Kathy La Valle.

After an introduction to NLP Maria went on to becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP and later trained as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Maria is also trained in Thought Field Therapy and Life Coaching and is a qualified psychometric assessor. Using her training combined with her intuition and insights gained from her multidisciplinary career background is of great value when working with clients.

Maria is passionate about not only helping her clients to overcome blocks and problems, but also in encouraging and helping them to maximize their potential in all areas of their lives.

After several years in practice as a therapist Maria created a treatment program called Mirroring Therapy which was created with intuitive sensitive people in mind. Maria is an intuitive, sensitive person herself and uses her intuition and sensitivity daily in her therapy practice.

How Mirroring Therapy was created

After a few months of working professionally as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I began to notice that I seemed to be attracting a particular type of client to my practice. Unlike many of the clients my colleagues were attracting who came along with more straightforward problems such as phobias, weight loss etc….my clients were coming to me with problems that spanned their entire lives from their relationships, to their health, to the essence of who they were at core.

My mentor at the time joked with me about the fact that my clients were so complex and that I never seemed to be working with a ‘simple phobia’. However, I loved the challenge of working with the complex clients I was attracting, most of whom I later realized were intuitive, sensitive people.

Being an Intuitive, sensitive person myself I could easily relate to these people, and instinctively knew how to help them. After a couple of years I trained as a Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessor and incorporated this skill set into my practice. This proved to be of immense benefit to my clients, and the results of the MBTI assessments I did with them further confirmed that I was attracting a very large percentage of intuitive sensitive clients.


After working with this group for a number of years it was very apparent to me that many of my clients were suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of direction due to having been misunderstood as children, and as a result of that having developed negative beliefs around their core identities.

Intuitive people make up roughly 20% of the population, so are a significant minority and as society caters to the majority, intuitive people can find themselves carrying negative beliefs around their difference due to not having had a positive frame of reference for it when they were growing up

Some of them had also suffered difficult and even traumatic childhoods, and found it difficult to separate the effects of the trauma they had suffered from their natural (albeit different) intuitive traits, causing additional confusion as to what about them was healthy and innate, and what needed healing.

The negative beliefs my clients were carrying were causing them all kinds of problems from depression and anxiety, to a lack of confidence, to addictions and self-sabotage and many more.…

In every case, the client was not living up to his or her potential and was feeling pretty frustrated! So the Mirroring Therapy Programme was created with the intention of addressing the needs of these people.

Intuitive People.

I love working with intuitive people! They are imaginative, creative, visionary, often courageous, and most of all not afraid to embrace change.

To be able to embrace change, you need to be able to think outside the box and this is something that intuitive people tend to do naturally. Using their imagination is something they are good at, and the techniques in the Mirroring Therapy programme make good use of this natural skill in helping them to rid themselves of the negative beliefs they have been carrying and to get in touch with their unique skill sets empowering them to live happy, purposeful and fulfilling lives!

The Mirroring Therapy programme also addresses lifestyle and health issues often encountered by intuitive people, offering advice and practical solutions. The programme also contains advice and techniques aimed at helping them to recognise and maximise the use of their skill sets.

Is Mirroring Therapy exclusively for intuitive people?

We are all intuitive to some degree or another, so although the Mirroring Therapy programme is tailored to intuitive people for whom intuition is high in their skill set, it is not exclusive to them. It could also prove very useful to less intuitive types in helping them to not only change their negative beliefs and improve their confidence, but to also to improve and develop their intuitive abilities.

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